Who am I? ...Concept Artist / Illustrator

me-concept-artist-art-drawings-fun-artist-things-to-draw-hire-freelance-artist-printsMy name is Enrique Plazola, I am an artist, and I do concept art and illustration. Ever since I started drawing at the age of 18 I have not stopped, you can see me carrying a sketchbook all the time, I love to teach art to anyone who wants to express themselves through art.

I believe art makes a place in the world where conventional education does not fit in, drawing is a type of intellect, drawing can cause you to encompass certain, possibly new, deep and meaningful aspects of life, and this can be done with self-portraits of people, theme or landscape. Implementing this technique, if you draw what or who you love it could strengthen the bond you share.

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Drawing is a way to enter someone in a visual stimulus. Drawing can slow you down in a way that cleans out and invigorates the sensory plate. Solving the overload and over stimulation from the digital age. Or if you illustrate, you can unravel a story as you draw. If you illustrate, you can project the visual representation of what someone has had in their head but been unable to visually express themselves.

Financially, if you illustrate or graphic design you can make a residual income using this super power or skillset known as drawing. Drawing releases chemicals serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and norepinephrine. Children who draw may have better motor skills...

Growing up I attended private school I knew that conventional learning and traditional subjects were not for me, although I finished traditional education I could not wait to start my new career in which I work on 17 hours a day.

I will never stop learning I still attend advance art classes, art seminars and art gatherings. My art is displayed in art shows which I try to enter as often as possible.

I have 5 YouTube channels and 3 websites on how to draw, my mission is to make my how to draw videos accessible to anyone who wants to learn. In my videos I show drawing with pen, charcoal, pencil, paint with acrylic, and digital art. The videos range from easy drawings to more advanced drawings and ultimately digital art.

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My latest project in addition to full time art work is an art invention called the Arm-Adillo. It is a pencil carrier for artist, my first invention. I had to make time to pattern/advertise the product it has been fun and I am looking forward to future creations both in art and recreation.