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Must Read Tips on Improving Your Art

Croco-Ape= Applied Learning of Animal AnatomyHow Learning Helps Your ArtI’ve always had a hard time learning. When I was younger, my fourth grade teacher told my mom that I was the kind of child that “needed to hear things over and over to understand.”  I always found learning to generally be boring, at least when …

Skillful Huntsman

The Skillful Huntsmen – Books I recommend you get now !

Must have art book for Concept Art  I’m a big fan of art books. One of the walls in my home is a bookshelf. They are all related to art. I’ve been using them all over the years for inspiration and learning. So, today, I’m going to tell you about the must have art book for …

Science of Creature Design

Science of Creature Design – Books I recommend you get now !

Must Have Art Book For Drawing AnimalsAs an artist, I have quite a few books that I use as a reference for my work. Many of you have asked me for recommendations of art books to use for drawing better. I have a lot of recommendations.  Science of Creature DesignSo, I’ll go about it one …


Love the Fox – Art Books I suggest you get now

My favorite art book for drawing animalsHey Guys! How have you been?As you know, I did a series of must have art books  and drawing lessons a while back. But today, I’m going to tell you about an art book that I personally love. I wouldn’t say it’s a must have, but it’s definitely one of my …

Border Breaks Artworks

Border Break Artworks – Art books I recommend you get now!

I am doing a series on my favorite art books – books that I absolutely love and have around me all the time! I have already told you about my first recommendation and did a small video on it.This is the second part of the series. In this one I’m going to tell you about …

Art of diablo 3

The Art of Diablo 3 – Art books you should get now

My favorite book for 2D artThis is the first of a weekly series of recommendations for art books that I just love. I have already talked about books that I think are must have…I do mostly art tutorials, but this is a book recommendation. The books that I’ll talk about here though, aren’t must have. …

legend of zelda art book

Legend of Zelda Art and Artifacts – Books I recommend you get now !

As you know, this series is based on some of the books that are my favorite. I understand that these books may not be for everyone, but I just wanna show them off because they are absolutely essential for me. Also, I have got a wall of books and I need to do something other …


How to Get Good at Art Fast

How to Get Good at Art FastGrowing up and going through several different art schools, I’ve seen A LOT of new people come and go through the processes of learning drawing and painting. People progress at different rates because of other obligations like work or school, and the interest level in some is higher than …


Why you NEED to use Pen

THE VALUE OF USING PEN OVER PENCIL WHEN PRACTICING When I first started sketching, I would treasure every drawing. I would see everything I drew as supremely important. This can be good, but at the same time it can put far too much pressure on you to produce something every time. This means that sometimes …