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Category: Blog

Must Read Tips on Improving Your Art

Croco-Ape= Applied Learning of Animal AnatomyHow Learning Helps Your ArtI’ve always had a hard time learning. When I was younger, my fourth grade teacher told my mom that I was the kind of child that “needed to hear things over and over to understand.”  I always found learning to generally be boring, at least when …


How to Get Good at Art Fast

How to Get Good at Art FastGrowing up and going through several different art schools, I’ve seen A LOT of new people come and go through the processes of learning drawing and painting. People progress at different rates because of other obligations like work or school, and the interest level in some is higher than …


Why you NEED to use Pen

THE VALUE OF USING PEN OVER PENCIL WHEN PRACTICING When I first started sketching, I would treasure every drawing. I would see everything I drew as supremely important. This can be good, but at the same time it can put far too much pressure on you to produce something every time. This means that sometimes …


Find Your Own Drawing Style Now – 4 Steps

4 TIPS ON FINDING YOUR DRAWING STYLE Every footballer has a favorite technique, every wrestler a unique finishing move and every artist a specific drawing style and as a growing artist with potential, then you should not get left out. Having a drawing style as an artist will help  you to harness your skill and …


Are you New to Drawing? Read This!

DRAWING: WHERE TO START AS A BEGINNERAs an artist that is starting out in the field of art, sometimes it is never easy or straightforward to get into your stride; it’s possible that you might be discouraged or find difficulties expressing yourself in what you’re trying to draw. Well, not to worry, it’s all part …