My favorite art book for drawing animals

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As you know, I did a series of must have art books  and drawing lessons a while back. But today, I'm going to tell you about an art book that I personally love. I wouldn't say it's a must have, but it's definitely one of my favorites. Well, actually, there are two of them. It's a series of art books, to be honest. I have two, and I need to get the other ones.


So, these are called Love Volume 1: The Tiger, and Love Volume 2: The Fox. You can click on the link and get a copy for yourself. These are insanely cool books, kind of like graphic novels. Only, there are no dialogues. The whole story is narrated only through expressions!

What makes it one of my favorite art books

It has some of the most awesome visuals I have seen. The story is pretty simplistic, but the narrative is very gripping. Since there are no dialogues, the whole story, sort of, moves entirely on the expressions of the characters. These books really get me excited about the need for getting the right expressions.


There is a lot happening in the story at all times, but never will you feel as if you don't get it. That is one of the main reasons why this is in my list of art books I love.

It is a great reference book for drawing animals

One of the key benefits of these books is that you get to see a lot of animals, in a lot of different poses. For me, these are great reference books for drawing animals. If you are into drawing animals, I would highly recommend you to get at least one of these books. Just to get an idea of the different poses.

Great story telling

I keep emphasizing on the point of there being no dialogues. It's because that is what makes these books so amazing. It teaches the importance of storytelling without the need for dialogues. It's really great that way.


It's very easy to carry

The book is very thin, about 80 pages I think. Being easy to carry is definitely an important point in my opinion. I need to be able to carry it everywhere easily. The dimensions of these books are perfect for this, making them a definite name in my list of favorite art books.

Tell me what you think

If you guys have any favorite art book, I'd love to get some recommendations as well. I'm always on the look out for new art books. Catch the great art work of these two books in the video below. I uploaded, and drop in your recommendations in the comments section.

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