Rick and Morty is one of the coolest tv shows I’ve seen in the last few years. it has the charm and style of futurama, and the hilariously inappropriate jokes of South Park. Its been a pretty big influence on my humor in my person a life. I had to create an illustration featuring some of these characters. So this is the step by step process I did in order to produce the rick and morty illustration. Lets take a look.  Here is a look at the final Product.



Tools I used. I used Adobe Photoshop to bring this too life on the PC. Do yourself a favor and get photoshop. There’s nothing else for digital art that compares to it for painting an illustrations.

rick-and-morty-easy-things-to-draw-step-by-step-artist-illustration-art-for-sale-1Step 1

This is an extremely early thumbnail. I scribble out a general thumbnail for the idea I had floating around in my mind. I knew I wanted rick and morty in it, but was struggling to think of what other characters I wanted. I decided to go with the cute sentient dog , mister meeseeks, and pick rick. The main reason i went with these characters is their visual style. I just thought they would look nicer on a movie poster style illustration than the rest of the family would. For whatever reason these characters stood out my my mind more than others. This is meant to be fast and messy, an just to give me a vague idea of positioning of characters.





Step 2

I take the layer I was using and lighten the opacity on it so that it is so light I can barely see it. Then I create a new layer and draw over that. This lets me see the previous frame work in front of me and free some mental energy to think about the next set of details. In this version I make rick the exact version from the show. I shape the characters to look more like their television counterparts. I repair shapes and I start to tighten things up.




Step 3

This is yet another layer on top of the last. This really is the chain of events in the process of my works. I created layers on top of layers and disregard the layers I no longer need. I didn’t want to make a carbon copy of a rick and morty style. So I change rick into a version of Rick that I would draw. I wanted to make him in my own style. So I gave him a slightly more realistic look. For all the other characters I more or less left them on model. I tightened the lines everywhere. I was shooting for this to be my final line art layer.




rick-and-morty-easy-things-to-draw-step-by-step-artist-illustration-art-for-sale-4Step 4

I put a layer underneath the current line layer and I start the first pass of color. I don’t always use flats, so I just go right into the actual color of the characters. I’m completely not thinking about smaller layers or shading. I’m purely thinking about base colors. My man ordeal would be staying with in the lines. This is essentially a coloring book phase. I don’t make the white of the eyes pure white because I’m intending on doing highlights from ricks gun. I want the gun rays to be the brightest things on the page.






Step 5

This is the stage where I put in the back drop. The backdrop colors were inspired by the spirit of the show. The Show itself to me felt like a purple with green. Green especially. I also knew I wanted a gradation of some type in the background to create movement and contrast. I set the background on a completely different layer of course.







Step 6

I put in the shadows and rays. The shadows are done with a secondary layer. When I find where I want my shadows placed. I simply make them completely black and lighten the opacity of that layer. When I do this it takes the color qualities from the layer beneath it. The rays from the gun were problematic in a few ways. I wanted the rays to be the brightest things in the image. So it was hard to divert focus through the illustration. I shrank some of the rays because some were going through vital areas of the picture.



Final Step

I made very minor changes and repairs. I also ended up lessening the intensity of some of the rays n the back drop. I thought they stood out too much and would pull the viewers gaze in the wrong direction. All in all it was a great journey and I have a great new image for my wall. :D I hope you enjoyed the step by step process. thank you all :D

Available to Buy as a Print for any Rick and Morty Fan