4 TIPS ON FINDING YOUR DRAWING STYLE Every footballer has a favorite technique, every wrestler a unique finishing move and every artist a specific drawing style and as a growing artist with potential, then you should not get left out. Having a drawing style as an artist will help  you to harness your skill and get better at drawing but before you can pick out a drawing style for yourself, you must have mastered the basics of drawing; you know, your lines, level of dexterity, pen control and of course hard work and dedication. These are what forms the foundation of being a good artist and it is what you will build on in order to pick out a drawing style. Style is something that is uniquely you and while there is a common belief that there are new styles to be discovered, in my opinion, I think it’s a misconception because I believe that all the styles have been discovered and artists just need to pick theirs and make the most of it; a lot of people might not agree but like I said, my opinion. Most times, the new styles that come out are just remixes of old styles that have not been around in a long time. Style is something that distinguishes an artist such that once you draw something, people are able to know that it is you at first glance. So how do you find your style then? It took me forever to find the kind of style I want for my dragon art. Now, I will be giving certain suggestions and while you don’t have to take everything to heart, you will benefit from some of it if not all. Here are the tips:
  1. Try different mediums or new tools- the tool you use for drawing contributes to your style; you can use crayons, ball pen, fountain pen or marker but whichever one you choose, it determines how you pull your stroke and your lines. Just try something new that will spur a measure of creativity and then determine the one that works best for you and stick with it.
  2. Be yourself more- examine yourself and determine what you like maybe like horror movies or comic stories; which kind of characters do you like? Basically, just find the areas that resonate with you and begin to incorporate it into your drawing. Allow yourself to be unique and gradually grow into it while showcasing your personality.
  3. Quality of lines- toy around with the quality of your lines; you could prefer thin lines or thick lines or faded lines but just try it and see so that you can know the one that is your most preferred choice. This can then become your style and you can start carving a niche for yourself in the drawing world.
  4. Structure- the structure you decide to work with is another thing that helps to determine your style. There is the round structure which tends to give a friendly outlook and there is the angular structure which gives an edgy or ‘cool’ outlook.
It’s really a matter of choice but the underlying fact is that you look for things that resonate with you and let that guide you in picking a style.