My favorite book for 2D art

This is the first of a weekly series of recommendations for art books that I just love. I have already talked about books that I think are must have...

I do mostly art tutorials, but this is a book recommendation. The books that I'll talk about here though, aren't must have. They are just art books that I am addicted to, and I'm going to tell you the reasons for that. However, I want to be clear that those reasons would mostly be based on my opinions.


What's my favorite book?

So, there are a bunch of books that I want to show you and the first among them is The Art of Diablo 3. This is from the video game of the same name...

It's funny that although I've never played the game, the moment I got the book I thought, “This is SO my thing!”.


Durable and handy

This book is pretty compact. It's about 200 pages thick which makes it ideal for me because it's easy to carry.

It's hard cover though, and I wouldn't really mind a soft cover version. Having said that, the hard cover version is very durable! I have been using it for two years without any visible wear and tear whatsoever.


Large variety of designs

One of the many things that I love about this book is the variety it provides. It has characters, backgrounds, weapons, armors, and busts. Another cool thing about this book is, that it has lots of 2D art in it.

I like that because as opposed to 3D, I can copy, learn from and do studies on 2D art. On top of that, this book has a lot of different kinds of designs. You can see some of those in this cool video below and coupled with some art lessons that I did.

Less (text) is good!

Another great thing about this book is it's abundance of design over writing. Often, I see books with more text than art, which drives me mad. This is one of my favorite art books because it has so much art that every time I pick it up, I notice something new!

Great for studying backgrounds

  • The book also has a lot of backgrounds some of which are pencil sketches and the others, painted.
  • I really like the fact that the backgrounds are not very complex. You can easily look at them and think,
  • “These don't look that tough, I think I can do some of these!”

What are your favorite books?

So there you go! This book is one of my absolute favorites and I thought I should show this to you guys. Do you have any cool books that you want to tell me about? Write them in the comments section of the video. I would love to check those out! Art lessons online are great.

If you are interested in buying this book you can get it from Amazon here. The soft cover version is of course, less expensive than the hardcover version. Whichever version, this remains one of my favorite art books ever!